Tents of Mercy is seeking Israel’s salvation through planting indigenous, Hebrew speaking congregations in Yeshua’s homeland.

We have a special focus on the Galilee and currently have five congregations functioning in the area.

The Spirit of God is restoring apostolic life to Israel. The Apostolic blueprint recorded in the Book of Acts is our template for establishing new congregations. In His mercy, God promised to bring back Israel’s exiles. Our calling is to be an oasis of provision amidst the hardships that challenge Israel’s new citizens.

“Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; when you see the naked that you cover him?”
– Isaiah 58:7

Our humanitarian services include:

  • Humanitarian Aid Warehouse and Distribution Center
  • Absorption Apartment
  • Pro-Life Counseling Office
  • Outreach to Women in prison and prostitution
  • Soup Kitchen for the poor
  • Drug Rehabilitation Center

Tents of Mercy is a partnership of Israel and the Nations. Israel’s prophets saw the active partnership of the nations in her future physical and spiritual restoration. This partnership is vital towards hastening the return of Yeshua.

We are seeing this wonderfully fulfilled in the Tents of Mercy! Covenant friends from every continent are participating with us in the miracle of Israel’s rebirth.