In 1989 Eitan Shishkoff had a vision.

He saw an oasis with tents full of provisions of every description. The Spirit of God spoke to him that this represented Eitan’s call to establish a place of refuge and healing for the returning exiles. Many of these new immigrants would come with few economic resources but God had promised:

“I will restore the tents of Jacob and have mercy on his dwelling places.”
– Jeremiah 30:18.

Six years later, the vision of Tents of Mercy became a physical reality. Today God is continuing to expand our ministry to lend a helping hand to His beloved people in the Galilee.


Eitan’s New Book!

“What About Us?”
By Eitan Shishkoff

book-cover-21-12-2012This is an important volume that answers the question about Gentile participation in the restoration of Israel. This has been one of Eitan’s life messages and as someone who has partnered deeply with Gentile Christian leaders from around the world, he is especially qualified to answer this question.

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